Introducing The Atlantic Equipment Project

It takes a certain kind of character to relish the 5am alarm, changing into a wet wetsuit in the hailstones at the bottom of a cliff, having trekked across a muddy field. There exists a small community of these kinds and when you encounter them on the back roads of the West, their salty smiles are contagious. They innately understand tides, swell, terrain, and why it is very very important to protect this environment, however we can. They don't show off and they're not in it for the image. It is this hidden but vital kind of living, upon which The Atlantic Equipment Project is built.

This project is one of the many results of 6 years of classical Industrial Design study and work, lots of years of bodyboarding, surfing and muddy salty adventure amongst the rainy, windy beauty of my home, the West of Ireland. I am fortunate to have studied my MSc in the esteemed surroundings of Dutch design at The Technical University of Delft, with my base knowledge of the design process established at The University of Limerick.  The Atlantic Equipment Project is very close to my heart because it represents my home and a community of very special people, who I am lucky to call my friends.

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