Handmade in County Sligo

Every pack that we send out from the AE workshop is made, from start to finish, in our coastal workshop in County Sligo. It is a stunningly beautiful place, both in the midst of howling Winter storms, and pale blue Spring sunshine. It is this place that inspires our brand.

Ashleigh, AE’s founder, is a product designer, and so each design is developed through the classic industrial design process. Designs emerge from concept drawings, and come alive in an iterative prototyping phase.

Our packs are essentially a combination of a number of parts. Each part must be cut from the pattern and then usually a lining is sewn. Once the various part of an AE backpack or satchel are ready it is then assembled. All of this work is carried out on our beautiful Pfaff industrial sewing machines. These machines were here before we were born and will not doubt out last us also.

Material Selection: AE's ingredients

We are very proud of the materials we use to make each AE bag.

The canvas used in our satchels, backpacks and totes is a 14oz (that’s heavy duty) Duck Canvas. Duck Canvas has been used for centuries in the sea faring trades for it tough quality and its naturally water resistant properties. Our canvas has been proofed to add extra water resistant qualities. Raindrops will bead on the canvas surface, however if the fabric gets totally dunked in water for a time it will allow seepage.

The waxed cotton we use is made in a stunning old factory in Scotland. The waxed treatment of the cotton allows for waterproofing. It is a beautiful fabric that takes on wear and truly does get better with age.

The straps on our bags are made from heavy weight 100% cotton webbing. The fittings, such as the D rings, the loops and slides for adjustability of the straps, are all made from extremely durable solid Cast Brass.

Each pack we make in our workshop has one of our leather AE tabs sewn on. Our tabs are laser cut and engraved by friends of ours in Dublin. They are cut from pieces of new or vintage leather that we have spent time hunting out. Branding our packs in this way means each batch of tabs is unique. This is why some shade and texture difference can occur. We hope you don’t mind too much.